Leader and Leadership Qualities

What is a Leadership and Leader?

Leadership is known as the art of motivating a group of people also called followers towards achieving a desired goal. The person who leads people to achieve this goal is known as a “Leader”. A leader can be in the field of politics, teaching, business or information technology whatever you name your goal to.

Leadership qualities to become a successful leader

I have gathered some information based on research of some great leaders about what are the qualities that made them successful. These qualities may help you in become a successful leader and develop leadership qualities in yourself.


Self Confidence is the key to success. Therefore a leader must be a confident figure because no follower likes to be dominated by a man who is not courageous enough and lacks confidence. Such a leader who lacks confidence will not remain a leader for long time.


After self confidence, there comes the self-control. Self control is essential because if one can control himself, he can control anyone. This trait sets a mighty example for its followers, the intelligent follower.


A leader must be just. He should maintain justice among his followers. Fairness is necessity for leadership. No leader can command and retain respect of  his followers without the sense of justice.


A definite decision means that a person has some definite, designed and decided goals that he wants to achieve in his business. A man who wavers in his decisions gives an image that he himself isn’t sure about what he’s doing and if that’s the case, he can definitely not lead anyone successfully.



Successful is the leader who plans his work and then “works his plans”.  This simply means that one must have a plan to work upon and once he has a plan, he should execute it with smart and hard work, whatever is required. A leader who works upon guesses and does not have any definite plans is just as a ship without a rudder and we all know such ship is going to land on rocks sooner or later.


One of the key point and effort of leadership is the necessity and willingness to do more than his job and to put more effort than he’s paid for. Such kind of a man will become a true and successful leader who has the will to do and does more than what he is required to do. He works more than his followers.


We all know that, leadership calls for respect. Respect is something that is achieved by and given to a person who has a pleasing personality and a confident body language. No one likes to follow a man who doesn’t pose any personality. O if you want your followers to respect, than you must develop a pleasing personality.


If you want to become a successful leader, than you must know the importance of sympathy and understanding that needs to be developed between you and your team/followers. You must understand their problems and be sympathetic towards them when required.


A leader should be detail oriented and highly organized because leadership calls for mastery of details in whatever aspect of life you’re working in, whether it be Information technology, business, accounting or teaching, mastery of detail is required to become a successful leader.


A leader is successful if he is willing to take full responsibility of the work of his team/followers. He should assume that the mistake and failure of his followers is his failure, consequently, if a follower wins and accomplishes his goals than it is the leader who got success and victory.


Cooperative effort and the ability to induce with the team/followers is what leadership is all about. Leadership is power and power is called cooperation.


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