Learn SEO – Complete Guide to SEO

Introduction before you learn SEO

SEO is an abbreviation that stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as exposure to your brand, through organic search engine results. SEO is about to understand what are people searching for online, what are answers they are seeking, the words they’re using, and the type of content they wish to use. Once you know the answers to these questions, they will allow you to connect to the people who are searching online for the solutions that you offer.

If knowing what is you audience’s intent is one side of the SEO coin than delivering it in such a way that search engine crawlers can find and understand is the other. Moreover this guide will help you to learn how to do both.

Why to learn about SEO is important

As we know, search engines are getting smarter day by day, but they still require our help. Optimizing site can help deliver better information to search engines so that your content gets indexed better and displayed within the search results.

This organic search result covers more aspects of business than the paid clicks and paid advertisements can. However paid advertisement, social media and other online platforms do generate traffic to your website but majority of this website traffic is driven from organic searches.

We can say that SEO is the only marketing channels that continues to pay traffic dividends over time when setup correctly.

What is SEO
Start Learning SEO

Learn SEO

Now that you know what is SEO, why not to learn SEO and how to do SEO? This post is all you need to know about starting SEO.

White hat VS black hat SEO

“White hat SEO” means the SEO techniques, best practices, and strategies that are abided by search engine rules and its primary focus is to provide more value to people.

On the other hand, “Black hat SEO” refers to techniques and strategies that attempt to spam  search engines. Although, black hat SEO can work but, it puts websites at tremendous risk of being penalized and removed from search results.

Building an SEO-friendly site

As you’re ready to start walking SEO walk, So now it’s time to apply these SEO techniques to a site, whether it’s brand new or an old one you’re improving.

Your site’s domain name must be SEO friendly. Domain name plays important part in search engine optimization and search results, so make sure your domain name is relevant to what you’re doing and is SEO friendly.

Content and related markup

Create a markup that helps search engine to understand what your content is really about. A site is not really a site until it has some content. Also, SEO for that content should also have enough variables. These variables are:

  • Keywords Research
  • SEO Friendly copy
  • Good and related Markup

On-site topics

You have already successfully learned a lot about on-site topics by delving into content and related markup. Now it’s time to get technical with information about robots.txt.

Link-related topics

As you can understand by reading the heading, main focus of this topic is about link building. Now let me tell you that there are 2 types of link building:

  • Internal site linking
  • External site linking

Internal link building refers to building links within the posts and content of your website and its pages.

While external link building means creating link outside of your website (domain) and redirecting them to your website. Both types are very good and highly recommended. But be sure not to create commenting links as they often get spammed and this is not good for the SEO.


Wow, Congratulations! You’ve came across the ins and outs to learn SEO and now you are ready for some advanced topics. Make sure all that traffic has the easiest time possible while converting with conversion rate optimization (CRO) then go micro level with local SEO or take your site global with international SEO.

The evolution of SEO

Search engine algorithms are changing frequently and SEO tactics are evolving in response to those changes.


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