Skills required to become a Backend Developer

Back-end Development is basically the server-side development. A back-end Developer deals with all the behind-the-scene activities such as logging in to accounts purchasing products etc.

A backend developer works with the following:

  • Web Development Languages
  • Database and cache
  • Server

1. Web Development Languages

The main focus is on databases, scripting, and the architecture of websites. Back-end developer’s code help communicates with browsers.

Backend engineer ought to know at least 1 server-side development languages like Java, Python, Ruby, and. Net

2. Database and cache

Knowledge of various DBMS technology is another important need of backend developers. MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, Redis are widely used for this purpose. If you have the knowledge of caching mechanisms like varnish, Memcached, Redis then it is a plus.

3. Server

Exposure to handling Apache, Nginx, IIS servers, Microsoft IIS is desirable. A good background in Linux helps tremendously in administering servers.


Knowledge of web services or API is also important for full-stack developers. Knowledge of creations and consumption of REST and SOAP services is desirable and here is a little introduction to what RESTand SOAP really is.

4.1 SOAP

Simple Object Gain access to Process (SOAP) is a standards-based internet service access process that is around for a long period. Originally produced by Microsoft, SOAP isn’t as basic and simple as the acronym indicates.

4.2 REST

Representational Condition Transfer (REST) is another regular protocol, manufactured in response to SOAP’s shortcomings. It seeks to repair the issues with SOAP and offer a simpler approach to accessing web services.


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