What is a blog and how to start Blogging

Blog and Blogging

A “blog” is an online journal that is available on the internet. With respect to this definition, we can say that “blogger” is the person who is the blog’s owner and maintains its material that is available on the internet. Now, when it is clear that what is a blog and what is a blogger, we can conclude to the term blogging. “Blogging” is writing a blog or writing the content that will be available on the blog.

Best blogging platforms to start your blog

Well there are several free and paid blogging platforms available but I have gathered some really great and well-known platforms:

  1. WordPress.org
  2. wix.com
  3. medium.com
  4. wordpress.com
  5. squarespace.com
  6. weebly.com
  7. joomla.com
  8. Blogger.com
  9. tumblr.com
  10. typepad.com

1. Create a Blog

On the off chance that you’re intending to bring in cash from blogging, at that point it goes with out saying that you should begin a blog.

At the point when anybody gets some information about beginning an expert lucrative blog I generally prescribe them to utilize self facilitated WordPress as it’s the best stage for bloggers. I generally prescribe to new bloggers to utilize BlueHost to have their new online journals. You can get BlueHost’s excellent facilitating for $2.95 every month (three years join) Use this connect to get a free area name with your facilitating

2. Make Great Content

So since you have assembled your blog you are prepared to make some blog entries for your perusers.

The explanation this segment is classified “Incredible Content” is on the grounds that your substance truly needs to be of an exclusive requirement. Ordinary a great many blog entries are distributed on the web and with such a great amount of rivalry for our constrained abilities to focus you truly must make blog entries individuals are going to need to peruse and maybe even offer via web-based networking media or on their own web journals.

Ensure your posts are:

  • Well arranged and look great with significant pictures
  • Are top to bottom and engaging
  • Offer connections to different presents on develop focuses

3. Develop Your Audience

I began my first historically speaking web journal by composing on a steady calendar about myself, my pastimes and interests. Individuals discovered me by means of Google, Facebook, online networking and my readership progressively developed after some time to where it is today. When I had developed a group of people, bringing in cash from blogging turned into an idea in retrospect. At the point when you have a huge gathering of fans inspired by what you need to state, the cash will come. Trust me on that.

The crucial step is finding and assembling your fans.

3.1 Start promoting your blog

Regardless of how extraordinary your articles are nobody is going to think about them except if you set aside some effort to advance your blog.

3.2 Web optimization (SEO)

I think enough about SEO to most likely not be right about a great deal of it. I could likely compose a progression of articles on SEO strategies I have learned throughout the years yet as I am not a specialist I’ll guide you the correct way toward some great articles regarding the matter.

  1. WordPress SEO Guide (Blogging Wizard)
  2. Learn SEO – Complete Guide to SEO

P.S. Website optimization isn’t dead, it’s extraordinary compared to other traffic hotspots for individuals who will purchase your items/administrations or sign up to your email records. Website design enhancement is much harder than it used to be however don’t disregard it.

social media -inline blog blogging
Promoting content online

3.3 Online networking and sharing (SME – Social Media Marketing)

From my experience, the online networking destinations that send the most traffic to web journals by and large are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

The outcomes will fluctuate contingent upon your intended interest group.

On the off chance that your blog is pointed around proficient perusers and agents you may have increasingly potential traffic from LinkedIn and Google+. On the off chance that your objective peruser is increasingly visual it may bode well to concentrate solely on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for advancing your blog.

Additional Tip and final words

WordPress additionally have an assortment of modules that make it simple to put social sharing catches on your blog entries. A few people like to confine the quantity of modules they use on their WordPress blog since it can back the blog off and it can free your blog up to more assaults, butt a social sharing module is one that ought to have high need in the event that you do decide to utilize modules.


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