Top 10 Historical Places You Must Visit At Least Once

Most of those historical places round the world have withstood the test of your time.

These historical places have provided humanity an opportunity to review the culture of ancient civilizations that when ruled the planet .

Dating back to prehistoric times, many of those phenomenal man-made wonders still hold an aura of mystery, compelling millions from round the world to go to and see these sites for themselves.

Visiting historical monuments, just like the ones mentioned within the list below, isn’t just something to check one’s bucket list.

It’s alleged to be a spiritual experience that’s sure to stick with you for a really while .

Now, everyone may need their own criteria to work out which historical sites are better or more interesting than the remainder .

If you’re keen on exploring new places and have a passion for history, here are a number of the foremost awe-inspiring historical monuments that everybody must attempt to visit a minimum of once.

Must Visit Historical Places:


The pyramid complex at Giza could also be one among the foremost famous historical sites within the world. But their inception, construction and purpose still remain an enormous mystery.

The Pyramid of Djoser, which is believed to be the oldest pyramid in Egypt, dates back to 2630 BC. it had been inbuilt the Saqqara necropolis for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser.

This is one among the foremost popular tourist destinations within the world. the most pyramid complex on the brink of the present-day city of Cairo comprises three larger and three smaller pyramids along side the enigmatic Great Sphinx.

Archaeologists believe the mysterious limestone sculpture with the top of a person’s and therefore the body of a lion predates most of the opposite ancient structures within the area by 2,000 years approximately .

Meanwhile, the oldest and largest of the three big pyramids is that the Pyramid of Khufu.

It had been built between 2589 and 2566 BC. it’s also one among the sole structures within the area that are mostly intact.


Two of the foremost easily-recognized historical monuments, the Colosseum and Forum, are the assets of the architectural marvel that’s the town of Rome in Italy.

The 2 sites are located right next to every other. These are considered two of the foremost popular historical places to go to round the world.

Colosseum, the world’s largest amphitheatre, was built between 70 and 80 AD. It had been a particularly important site in Imperial Rome, because it was to hold gladiatorial contests, public executions, battle re-enactments and dramas.

At the time, it had the capacity to accommodate up to 80,000 people directly. However, consistent with historians, the large amphitheatre was later used as a fortress for a Catholic order.

The ancient structure has seen massive damage thanks to earthquakes and at the hands of stone robbers.

However, it’s still one among the foremost iconic historical sites in Europe.

Meanwhile, the Roman Forum may be a rectangular complex that was wont to be the most marketplace in ancient Rome. it had been used for various social and non secular activities.

Its location within the centre of several prominent ruins is an indicator of its historical importance. Originally, the enormous plaza had five arches, though only three have managed to survive for this long.

3. STONEHENGE within the UK

Stonehenge, a mysterious prehistoric monument near Salisbury in England, uk , continues to baffle archaeologists and historians so far . Built nearly 3,000 years ago, these megalithic ruins sit atop several hundred burial mounds.

The stones were brought here from miles away in Wales which form a huge circle.

Given the very fact that every stone is about 13 feet high and seven feet wide, it’s hard to imagine how they were transported to the present location.

The exact purpose and therefore the peculiar arrangement of Stonehenge have always been an enormous mystery.

This historical monument has given thanks to many myths and conspiracy theories.

Some believe it could are an area to practice religion or witchcraft. Meanwhile, others theorize it could have served as an astronomical observatory in past .

Considered one among the highest historical places to go to in England, Stonehenge draws over 1,000,000 tourists annually .

It’s important to notice the most circle between the stones has now been closed for the general public .

Only Meaning visitors are allowed to steer round the pre-historic monument and take photographs.

However, that doesn’t really deduct from the experience now, does it?


More popularly referred to as ‘The Lost City of the Incas,’ Machu Picchu in Peru is one among the foremost breathtakingly beautiful sites on the list.

The archaeological city with perfectly carved stone structures is an architectural marvel tucked away on top of a mountain ridge within the Cusco region.

Dating back to 1438 AD, this ancient citadel is believed to possess been built as a summer retreat for Inca emperors.

This Peruvian sanctuary was abandoned within the 16th century during the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire.

When Spaniards were wiping out Incan settlements, Machu Picchu only remained safe thanks to its inhospitable location.

An American archaeologist discovered the location in 1911. it’s since become one among the foremost historical places to go to round the world.

The ruins of Machu Picchu include three primary structures: the Temple of Three Windows, the Temple of Sun and therefore the Intihuatana Stone, a ritual stone related to the astronomic clock of the lost civilization.

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Fans of Hollywood’s popular ‘Indiana Jones’ series would instantly recognize Petra in Jordan because the ancient site where the most character finds the grail in ‘Indiana Jones and therefore the Last Crusade.’

The western world learned about Petra, which is additionally called the ‘Rose City,’ after a Swiss explorer discovered it in 1812.

However, the history of this ancient city dates back to 312 BC. In past , it served because the prosperous capital of the affluent Nabataean Empire.

which is additionally called the ‘Rose City,’ in 1812 after it had been discovered by a Swiss explorer.

However, the history of this ancient city dates back to 312 BC. In past , it served because the prosperous capital of the affluent Nabataean Empire.

Not much is understood about Nabataean Arabs who wont to live there. But the honeycomb of hand-carved caves, temples and tombs tell the story of a complicated civilization that was lost to the planet after its fall within the 7th century.

According to historians, after Nabataean Arabs, Petra became a neighborhood of the Roman Empire .

However, an outsized earthquake in 363 AD destroyed a serious a part of this captivating settlement. This resulted within the change of routes, which greatly affected the trade.

Over subsequent few hundred years, Petra was completely abandoned. In fact, nobody but a couple of local desert nomads knew of its existence.


Delphi in Greece was undoubtedly one among the foremost influential sites within the ancient world. such a lot so, the Greek considered this captivating mountain-top settlement because the centre of the planet where heaven met Earth.

Now, thousands of years later, the remnants of the magical city of Delphi became a top historical tourist attraction in Greece, second to Acropolis.

The ruins of Delphi are located some 180 kilometres from the town of Athens. They go back to the Neolithic period in 1600 BC.

consistent with the myths related to ancient Greece, Delphi was a spiritual sanctuary created for the worship of various deities, including Apollo, Themis, Poseidon and Demeter among others.

More importantly, in Greek mythology , this historical monument served because the seat of the Oracle of Delphi.

Delphi was a high-priestess who had the most important role in making critical decisions throughout the traditional world.

The inception of Pythian Games , which gave thanks to the modern-day Olympics, also can be tracked back to Delphi.

The ruins of the Temple of Apollo, Temple of Athena Pronaia, Athenian Treasury, Altar of the Chians, Castalian Spring, Corycian Cave, Stoa of the Athenians and Delphi Archaeological Museum are a number of the foremost popular tourist attractions within the area.

In fact, this is often easily one among the foremost visited historical places round the world.


Considered one among the most important religious monuments within the world, the ruins of Angkor Wat are the highest historical tourist attraction in Cambodia.

Constructed within the city of Angkor, which wont to be at the middle of the traditional Khmer Empire, this majestic temple complex dates back to the 12th century. At the time of its inception, Angkor Wat was dedicated to the worship of Hindu deity Vishnu.

However, it eventually became a Buddhist place of worship.

The grand temple complex is that the epitome of Khmer architecture. it’s surrounded by a 5 kilometer long moat and a 3.6 kilometer long outer wall.

The unique design of Angkor Wat includes an elevated temple mountain, three galleries and five towers within the center arranged during a particular geometric pattern.

Angkor Wat’s unique architecture and historical importance has made it one among the foremost visited ancient sites in South East Asia.

The breathtaking site is crammed with tourists throughout the year.

Given its popularity, Angkor Wat is additionally featured on Cambodia’s ensign .

Moreover, since the historical site is just too vast to explore on foot, you’ll either rent a motorcycle or book a tuk-tuk (a local rickshaw) for a whole day. Both options will cost you somewhere around $20.


Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Hagia Sophia is one among the foremost impressive samples of Byzantine architecture .

It had been inbuilt 537 AD as a church on a site where two other churches were destroyed.

Famous for its magnificent dome and breathtaking design, it had been considered one among the world’s most beautiful buildings at the time.

In 1453, after the arrival of Ottoman Turks within the region, Hagia Sophia was converted into an imperial mosque. Sultan Mehmet constructed four massive minarets round the 100 feet wide dome.

A central mihrab was also installed within the building, indicating the direction of Mecca.

The Ottomans were so inspired by its mesmerizing design that they used Hagia Sophia as a model for the gorgeous Sultan Ahmet Mosque, the Rustem Pasha Mosque and therefore the Suleymaniye Mosque.

In 1935, the govt of Turkey turned this historical monument into a museum. it’s now become a well-liked tourist attraction, famous for its message of co-existence.

To the present day, Hagia Sophia houses stunning mosaics, artworks and symbols of both Islam and Christianity.

If you’re getting to visit Turkey, a rustic filled with architectural marvels, you would like to go to this historical building.


Chances are that albeit you haven’t visited the good Wall of China in Beijing, you want to have a minimum of seen it during a movie.

One among the foremost popular historical places to go to round the world, this 21,196-kilometre long wall was built during different dynasties in ancient China.

The structure is made of stone, wood and other materials, spanning from east to west. These fortifications were made to stay the invaders cornered .

Archeologists believe the oldest section of this architectural marvel was constructed within the 7BC. However, some historians suggest it had been commissioned sometime around 200 BC.

A number of emperors made modifications to the good wall. However, the Ming joined different parts of the wall and built even more sections.

This structure around Beijing, which comprises barrack was built between 1368 and 1644 by the good Ming Empire.

This historical places remains one among the foremost popular tourist attractions in Asia because of travelers from all across the globe.

Badaling and Juyongguan are two of the foremost popular and easiest to access sections of the good Wall.


If you’ve got any interest within the ancient Mayan civilization, you would like to feature Tikal in Guatemala to your list of historical places.

The Central American country is dotted with classical Mayan structures and ruins. Among which the traditional city of Tikal is that the most preserved and popular tourist attraction.

It’s located during a tropical rainforest that has now become the a part of Tikal park .

Many archaeologists believe the traditional Tikal Temple dates back to 7 BC.

However, historians believe Tikal flourished between 200 and 850 AD, because it was the capital of the foremost powerful empire.

The ruins were discovered in the 1840s. In 1970, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

Tikal park has around 3,000 ancient structures and monuments that cover a neighborhood greater than 200 square miles. The hieroglyphics on the ruins suggest Tikal was home to an estimated 10,000 to 90,000 people.


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