A course of events of significant air crashes in Pakistan

A PIA business carrier A-320 flying from Lahore to Karachi smashed in a local location close to the Karachi air terminal on Friday. The destiny of every one of the 90 travelers and eight team individuals on flight PK-8303 isn’t known starting at now, while salvage activities are in progress.

Following is a sequence of significant air crashes in Pakistan or including Pakistani planes:

May 20, 1965:

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 707 crashes on its debut flight while endeavoring to land at Cairo air terminal, murdering 124 individuals.

August 6, 1970:

A PIA Fokker F27 turboprop airplane crashes while endeavoring to take off from Islamabad in a tempest, murdering each of the 30 individuals ready.

December 8, 1972:

A PIA Fokker F27 crashes in Rawalpindi, close to Islamabad.

Every one of the 26 individuals on board are executed.

November 26, 1979:

A PIA Boeing 707 bringing home Pakistani Hajj explorers from Saudi Arabia crashes soon after take-off from Jeddah air terminal, slaughtering 156 individuals.

October 23, 1986:

A PIA Fokker F27 crashes while coming in to land in the northwestern city of Peshawar, executing 13 of the 54 individuals ready.

August 17, 1988:

A US-made Hercules C-130 military airplane crashes close to Pakistan’s eastern city of Bahawalpur, executing military ruler General Mohammad Zia ul Haq and 30 others including Pakistani officers and the US envoy.

August 25, 1989:

A PIA Fokker conveying 54 individuals vanishes in the wake of leaving Gilgit in northern Pakistan. The destruction is rarely found.

September 28, 1992:

A PIA Airbus A300 collides with a cloud-shrouded slope on way to deal with the Nepalese capital Kathmandu after the plane slipped too soon, murdering 167 individuals.

February 19, 2003:

A flying corps Fokker F27 crashes in haze covered mountains close to the northwestern city of Kohat, murdering aviation based armed forces boss Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali, his better half and 15 others.

July 10, 2006:

A PIA Fokker F27 destined for Lahore collides with a field and blasts into flares soon after departure from the focal city of Multan, slaughtering 41 travelers and four group.

July 28, 2010:

An Airblue Airbus 321 worked by the private aircraft Airblue flying from Karachi collides with slopes outside Islamabad while planning to land, executing each of the 152 individuals ready.

November 5, 2010:

A twin-motor plane worked by Pakistani contract JS Air conveying staff from an Italian oil organization crashes not long after take-off in Karachi, executing every one of the 21 individuals ready.

November 28, 2010:

In any event 12 individuals are killed when a Russian-made Ilyushin IL-76 load plane worked by Georgian aircraft Sunway crashes in a fireball seconds in the wake of taking off from Karachi.

April 20, 2012:

A Bhoja Air Airbus 737 from Karachi descends in terrible climate close to Islamabad, slaughtering 121 travelers and 6 team individuals.

December 7, 2016

A PIA ATR-42 airplane crashes enroute from Chitral to Islamabad. The accident claims lives of each of the 48 travelers and group, including vocalist cum-evangelist Junaid Jamshed.

May 22, 2020

A PIA A-320 business aircraft crashes close to the Karachi Airport while finishing an excursion from Lahore. A sum of 90 individuals including 8 team individuals were ready the airplane. Up until this point, there have been no reports of passings.


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