Succeed in Business with these 10 Useful Tips

In the last twenty years, the one question I even have been asked the foremost is: what are the keys to your success?

As a business owner and an entrepreneur at bottom , I even have learned many lessons that I’d wish to share with you.

Here are my top 10 tips which will assist you succeed as a business owner:

1. Be hooked in to what you’re doing

Your daily grind should be one among passion and fun.

My brother wont to say, “If you are doing what you’re keen on … you’ll always achieve success at it.”

2. Surround yourself with folks that will challenge you, not “yes men”

You need to be ready to hear all sides (pro and con) before you create a choice .

Hear people that give their honest opinion–not those that tell you what they THINK you would like to listen to .

You would like to understand where the landmines could also be before you create a choice .

I challenge my people to argue with me, and that i really enjoy it.

It keeps us all on our toes and makes for a few exciting and entertaining staff meetings.

3. Appreciate your people

Your team can make or break you! Many business owners think I spoil my employees.

The reality is that without them, we might never be where we are now.

As a business owner, we only drive the train, our employees provide the steam to run the engine uphill.

To the present day, I still search for those diamonds within the rough!

4. Always consider your customer’s point of view

It’s not that the “customer is usually right,” but it’s important to place yourself in their shoes and treat them such as you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

5. Be a worth to your suppliers

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to determine bonds with those you are doing business with.

Ask yourself what you’re bringing to the table and remember that you simply both need one another . ask them, get to understand them–don’t just email or text them.

During a pinch, they will assist you .

6. Appreciate your competitors in business

Seems odd, right? But our competitors keep us on our toes and encourage us to try to to better a day .

Many of them I now consider my friends, and that we formed a robust alliance with a standard goal to stay industry ethics on target .

We typically have an equivalent problems, and there really is strength in numbers!

7. Have an exit strategy

Realize that at some point, you would like to either sell your company or pass your business on to a beloved .

Create a succession plan within your organization. you would like to acknowledge that when the time comes, you want to protect your legacy and maximize your years of diligence .

For me, that was two years ago once I sold my interest in CruCon to a $2B company.

I then created SLC Group Holdings to take a position in and mentor young entrepreneurs and help make all their dreams come true!

8. Build a robust network in business

Everyone needs a network because you’ll have times once you just don’t see the sunshine .

Crap happens. So, you would like someone there to pump you copy and provides you renewed confidence.

I couldn’t have gotten to where i’m today without the support and unwavering trust of my SLC Group Holdings staff, also because the unconditional love of twenty-two little feet that meet me at the door nightly with tails wagging – my four tiny Maltese girls, my cat (Finney), and, of course, my Bruce! It doesn’t matter how bad the day was, they (and a hard candy martini) make it all better.

9. Pick yourself up once you subside

Use your network from number eight! you’ll make mistakes. We all do. Don’t blame somebody else for them.

Own them. they’re yours. Recovering from our mistakes quickly and learning a lesson makes us stronger and wiser in our decisions going forward.

10. Whenever possible, pay it forward in business

It’s tough once you first start bent donate to charities or volunteer within your community because you don’t have money or time, but once you’ve got some breathing space , it’s a crucial thing to try to to .

Businesses are the pillars of their communities. Give something back. Your community needs it.

It brings you new employees and retains old ones because they’re pleased with where they work.

You never know once you may have their support for something. Plus, it brings good Karma, too!


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