Exacting lockdown saw in Lahore as COVID-19 cases rise

* 244 new cases revealed in Lahore in 24 hours

* 20 police authorities deputed at check posts likewise test positive

* Governor cautions of rigid measures if individuals didn’t pay attention to COVID-19

The Lahore police implemented an exacting lockdown in the commonplace capital on Sunday to limit the development of open after the unexpected ascent in the COVID-19 cases the nation over, including Punjab.

The residents were not permitted to drive unreservedly on significant veins of Lahore, including The Mall, Jail Road, Ferozepur Road, Davis Road, Liberty and Gulberg territories, as police pickets were by and by expanded in the capital. The choice to uphold the exacting lockdown was made as the individuals began taking the dangerous coronavirus very simple for the last a few days that brought about abrupt increment in COVID-19 patients in the city.

As indicated by subtleties, long lines of vehicles and traffic wreckage could be seen on significant streets of Lahore, including The Mall and Jail Road, because of the expanded number of police registration where the residents were gotten some information about the explanation they came out of their homes in spite of the way that lockdown was set up by the administration.

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Pillion riding was totally restricted on motorbikes while multiple people were not permitted in the four-wheel.

As indicated by SSP Operations of Lahore Police Faisal Shehzad, an enormous number of individuals went ahead the streets on Sunday because of the occasion and in this manner the police needed to make a move so as to guarantee the social separating to contain the lethal infection.

He said that the exacting measures were taken in light of a legitimate concern for individuals and along these lines the individuals who are driving with no reason for existing are being compelled to return back to their homes.

Severe measures were additionally observed at the section and leave purposes of Lahore while security was fixed at all the 122 police pickets in the city following the ascent in COVID-19 cases.

It is appropriate to make reference to here that Pakistan recorded most noteworthy single day bounce of positive instances of crown in most recent 24 hours with almost 1000 new cases.

It is the most noteworthy bounce in the cases since February 26 when the primary case was accounted for in the nation. In Lahore, 244 new cases were accounted for in most recent 24 hours taking the count to 1187 with 36 passings in the city. Shockingly, 20 police authorities deputed at the check posts were likewise tried positive in Lahore while over twelve workers of a private news channel were additionally tried positive in Lahore in last two couple of days.

There are 5378 positive cases in Punjab with horrid count of 81 passings in the area up until this point. The specialists were additionally requesting a severe lockdown in the entire nation as the legislature facilitated it with the ‘brilliant lockdown’ as it permitted a few divisions to work.

The doctors the bleeding edge fighters in this war are being influenced with the infection quickly with 92 wellbeing experts tried positive in most recent two days in the nation. Up until now, 93 wellbeing experts are tried positive in Punjab including 55 specialists, 16 attendants and 22 paramedics and care staff.

Talking at a question and answer session at the Governor’s House on Sunday, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar additionally cautioned that the legislature will be left with no choice yet to take tough measures, if individuals didn’t pay attention to coronavirus pandemic.

The senator said specialists were consistent in saying that the occurrence of coronavirus was quitting any and all funny business. Chaudhry Sarwar said the administration would make exacting move if prudent steps were undermined at any open spot including mosques to spare Pakistan from confronting the US and the UK-like circumstance.

He was of the view that tragically individuals were not paying attention to the present predicament and included that facilitating of lockdown didn’t imply that the coronavirus had been controlled.

It merits referencing here that the main instance of COVID-19 was accounted for in Lahore on March 15 and the legislature forced lockdown on March 24 for 14 days. The lockdown was additionally reached out till April 14 and now it is set up till May 9.

Boss Traffic Officer Hammad Abid likewise visited the significant streets of Lahore to survey the lockdown circumstance of the city. He said that move has been made so far against 151,228 vehicles in the city for damaging the lockdown.

It incorporates motorbikes, vehicles, open vehicle, auto rickshaws and pillion riding. As per CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed, 194,737 individuals were checked in Lahore during the lockdown, while 2,086 FIRs have been propelled in such manner.

The head of Lahore police said that the individuals should remain at their homes to contain this destructive infection that is taking an appalling turn as time passes.


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