Pakistani offer to frame gathering of OIC emissaries at UN thwarted

ISLAMABAD: The United Arab Emirates and the Maldives together defeated a Pakistani endeavor to set up a casual gathering of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) emissaries at the United Nations on Islamophobia.

A senior discretionary source disclosed to Dawn that Pakistan’s perpetual agent at the United Nations Munir Akram featured the issue of Islamophobia at an ongoing virtual gathering of the emissaries of OIC part nations at the UN.

It was a standard gathering of the agents of OIC nations, which examined different issues also.

The Pakistan agent explicitly featured the situation of the Muslims in India and the individuals of involved Kashmir, who are enduring because of the decision Bharatiya Janata Party.

He told the gathering that Islamophobia in India had gotten progressively articulated during the Covid-19 pandemic and reviewed the activities taken by Modi government to change demography of involved Kashmir by permitting non-Kashmiris to move to the valley.

The UAE, Maldives restrict proposition for the gathering on Islamophobia

Amb Akram advised the OIC individuals against being deluded by India.

He called for setting up of a gathering of OIC nations to think about joint activities for countering Islamophobia.

Maldivian agent Thilmeeza Hussain, as per Maldivian media, dismissed “singling out of India” and said blaming Delhi for Islamophobia would be truly wrong and hindering to strict amicability is South Asia.

The UAE agent, who was leading the mee­ting, in the interim, dismissed Pakistani req­uest for a casual gathering on Islam­ophobia saying it was the command of the OIC remote clergymen to establish such gatherings.

A Pakistani negotiator, who has stayed posted at the UN, said arrangement of such gatherings was regular even at the OIC level and such gatherings could be comprised by the emissaries. He said these gatherings helped in campaigning endeavors, worked as weight gatherings and could move goals together.

The source said the UAE crucial the UN later disclosed to Pakistani strategic the arrangement of the gathering was not permitted due to disarray on the principles for foundation of such gatherings.

Negotiators review that Pakistan and the Maldives have in the past kept up great working relationship at multilateral gatherings. The Maldives had pulled back from Human Rights Council political decision in 2017 at Pakistan’s solicitation and its withdrawal had prepared for Pakistan’s prosperity as both were in Asia gathering.

The Maldives had later that year welcomed Pakistan’s head administrator to its 52nd Independence Day festivities.

Outside Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Tuesday tweeted: “Pakistan has reliably spoke to @UN and @OIC_OCI to censure Modi’s Hindutva supremacist belief system with tenacious Islamophobia and viciousness/local flimsiness propagated.”


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