Shutting Pakistan’s Maternity Wards Puts Women at Risk

Secure Health Workers, Ensure Essential Medical Care During Pandemic

With one of the most noteworthy maternal death rates in South Asia, Pakistan was at that point in emergency before the Covid-19 pandemic. Presently, the revealed shutting of maternity wards in Islamabad, the capital, and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region could fuel an effectively horrid circumstance, particularly for ruined ladies and young ladies.

Like different nations, Pakistan faces tremendous difficulties giving basic wellbeing administrations, including sexual and conceptive social insurance, while reacting to the pandemic. Be that as it may, confining access to human services for as of now underestimated Pakistani ladies isn’t the appropriate response.

Pakistani specialists state they have to close the maternity wards since staff individuals have been determined to have Covid-19. The gynecology ward in Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar was shut after 29 staff individuals tried positive for the infection. 

Rather than deterring maternity wards and slicing access to basic medicinal services, the Pakistan government needs to make a superior showing securing social insurance laborers.

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As of May 7, in excess of 500 Pakistani human services laborers have been tainted with Covid-19. Rather than doing everything conceivable to guarantee insurance for medicinal services laborers, Pakistani specialists have made lawful move and compromised power to quietness specialists and clinical specialists communicating their interests.

On April 6, police captured 150 specialists and clinical staff in the city of Quetta, Balochistan for fighting the absence of individual defensive hardware (PPE) after 13 specialists in the city tried positive for Covid-19. Every one of those captured were in this way discharged. Specialists in Punjab territory have been on emblematic yearning strikes to cause to notice their requests of PPE. The Punjab government reacted with police conveying stick.

Sexual and regenerative human services, including pregnancy and birth care, is constantly a basic assistance and the staff giving this consideration are basic laborers. They should be remained careful through arrangement of satisfactory PPE and different estimates, for example, making conditions to disconnect any patients with Covid-19 manifestations to forestall introduction for uninfected staff and patients.

The Pakistan government should act rapidly to guarantee that fundamental measures are taken to securely revive maternity wards and that sexual and conceptive wellbeing administrations keep on being accessible all through the pandemic in a way that is alright for the two patients and staff.


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