Flashback of Sports: 1980 Celtics led his worst team to first

Before forty years, Rookie Larry Bird led the team’s rebirth.

The Boston Globe and accordingly the Sports Museum have collaborated to supply incidental glances back at the extraordinary days of yore of Boston sports, including the reactions to prompts posted on the gallery’s Facebook page from Rusty Sullivan, the historical center’s official .

April 13 Question

This year points the 40th commemoration of the 1980 Celtics, a group that went from “most exceedingly awful to first” behind youngster Larry Bird before tumbling to Philly inside the end of the season games.The 1980 Celtics overachieved and exceeded all expectations — which made them eminently lovable. What are a number of your favorite teams from the annals of Boston sports that were similarly overachieving and lovable?

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▪ ’01 Pats. an excellent Bowl win capped some exciting playoff miracles, with a backup QB that clothed to be “pretty decent”. A surprising Pats’ season within the immediate aftermath of 9/11. the start of a sports dynasty which will be difficult to ever be surpassed in its scope and impact.

▪ Big fan of Morgan Magic. 1988 Red Sox. Six, two and even.

▪ The Miracle Braves

▪ 2013 Red Sox — world champions after dismal 2012 season and within the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings

▪ 1994 Patriots, 2001-02 Celtics, 1995 Red Sox, 2007-08 Bruins,

▪ 1967 Red Sox

▪ 2013 Red Sox

▪ Not so sure on “lovable” for the ‘95 Red Sox of Canseco, Clemens and Kevin Kennedy but Mo Vaughn was the foremost popular athlete within the city at the time.

▪ I wouldn’t state that they’re overachieving, yet the ’85-86 Celtics are my preferred group. Bill Walton is my favorite basketeer (Larry is 2nd) and therefore the Celtics are my lifelong favorite team. to possess Bill playing productively on the Celtics was a dream come true … with a cherry on top. i really like that team.


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