LUMS SDSB Launches a New MS Program

It’s a given that the world is progressing towards an all the more innovatively dependent condition. A large number of individuals have inventive thoughts in their brain each day however, to cite the late Felix Dennis, “Thoughts don’t make you rich. The right execution of thoughts does.”

Business enterprise is the extension between a thought and its legitimate execution. Numerous organizations based on solid thoughts have essentially improved humankind’s expectations for everyday comforts.

Jeff Bezos began with an office space and a manually written logo and today, he stands tall as the most extravagant man on earth.

Steve Jobs changed processing with the iPhone and MacBook and today, Apple stands to be the main cell phone organization on the planet. Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, and every single other trend-setter began their organizations as little endeavors and their work changed the world.

Unfortunately, next to zero significance is given to contemplating Entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Our childhood, the pioneers of tomorrow, are slanted towards building new organizations and making openings for work however are never given the correct sort of information and assets to profit by that tendency.

For these plans to transform into substantial outcomes, the investigation of innovation and enterprise must be incorporated with our educational program and our instructive frameworks.

The Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) at LUMS has chosen to venture out a future where understudies are furnished with the correct abilities to lead another business time. Their new Master of Science (MS) in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship program “wires present day business organization issues with best in class innovation the executives draws near,” as indicated by the course portrayal on the SDSB site.

The course expects to offer an extraordinary domain for understudies to learn, create, approve, and model their commercial center thoughts.

Program Details

The MS in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship is a 1.5-year program isolated into one year of coursework and a large portion of a time of field proposition (understudies can likewise enroll for summer semesters).

Significant courses incorporate Organizations and Leadership, Financial Management and Accounting, Technology, Design and Innovation Management, and Business Venture Proposal Writing.

The field theory incorporates an undertaking that is connected to a genuine customer so understudies will have the option to profit by the work introduction and systems administration openings.

The program shouts to those keen on taking their developments to the following level and engages understudies to take on new and energizing difficulties in reality.

It likewise offers graduates a solid notoriety going into the activity advertise; this is perfect for those that try to be item directors, innovation leads, and plan advisors.

The program is planned and executed alongside an official in habitation from the tech business who will guarantee that the program is pertinent to current industry necessities.

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LUMS SDSB Launches a New MS Program in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
LUMS SDSB Launches a New MS Program in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

About the Institution LUMS

LUMS is the top positioned college in Pakistan as indicated by the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020. It might be known best for its business and law degrees, yet it additionally has perhaps the best school for designing in Pakistan.

Endless innovation new companies have been birthed by LUMS graduated class in the previous hardly any years.

Built up in 1986, the Suleman Dawood School of Business, is the first of the University’s five schools.

The educational plan offered by SDSB was planned in a joint effort with Harvard Business School and Ivey Business School. SDSB has dynamic research organizations with universal foundations, which encourage personnel research and case improvement on a worldwide scale and their graduated class are viewed as truly outstanding in the fields of business and the executives.

What the Industry needs to state

This progression taken by LUMS is a monster jump towards the headway of enterprise in Pakistan. Different organizations assume along these lines, as well. Yasser Bashir, the Chief Executive Officer at Arbisoft says,

This MS degree appears to be an extraordinary activity to support this circumstance.

Given how 2019 end up being an affectation point for Pakistan’s new businesses, the planning of this program couldn’t have been something more.

The alumni of this program will be promptly accessible to help set up tech organizations break their size levels and help the numerous new businesses right now removing that will be prepared for development stage difficulties throughout the following hardly any months and years.”

The Director of Operations of the incredibly famous beginning up, Careem, likewise had numerous positive comments about this degree. Mr. Zeeshan Baig stated,

The program will get ready contender to be well furnished with the changing advanced biological system and will help produce solid pioneers for the tech business. This will just not satisfy industry prerequisites yet in addition carry the scholarly world closer to it.”

Both Mr. Bashir and Mr. Baig assume that this program comes at the perfect time for Pakistan’s childhood and that they should take advantage of this great open door gave to them by SDSB and LUMS.

This activity taken by LUMS says a ton regarding the point and aspiration of the establishment. It shows that the University profoundly thinks about the eventual fate of their understudies, just as the fate of Pakistan as a rising country.

The program furnishes planned tech trailblazers with a mix of structure advancement capability and administrative initiative that regularly takes a very long time to create on an occupation.


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